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interview with Dawn Of The Replicants

Dawn Of The Replicants are Paul Vickers (vocals/lyrics/spooky tapes), Roger Simian (guitar/keyboard/vocals), Donald Kyle (bass), Mike Muso (guitar/bass/vocals) and Grant Murray Pringle (drums/bass/vocals).

They released their first EP on their own label, Dumb Sulk Trigger and gave it away for free. Bonkers. Best of all though was that it was a collection of four fine songs resulting in being awarded the accolade of single of the week in Melody Maker. Jump around as Roger Simian kindly becomes my first interview victim:

NP: I thought Cocaine On The Catwalk sounded like a good Guided By Voices song. Are complimented or insulted?
RS: I think it's a good comparison for that particular song but other stuff which we are now doing is very different.

NP: Given the opportunity would you sign to a major or worse Creation?
RS: We'd happily sign to a major but we wouldn't touch Creation with a hairy scotsman.

NP: Will you be doing another fanzine?
RS: I'd like to but only when I've got enough cash to get it printed. I get bored photocopying bits of paper.

NP: Did you meet Traci Lords and what was she like?
RS: She was intelligent and funny and, sadly, on the other side of the Atlantic. We communicated via telephone but I had one of her press photos sitting in front of me.

NP: What did the interview with her reveal?
RS: The tape of the interview revealed that I was a giggling sycophant clearly overwhelmed by her sexual past (around 100 hardcore porn videos seemingly) and that she was an intelligent young woman ready to move on from her sordid past.

NP: We're all long time admirers of he work. What in your opinion is her best work?
RS: Once, at a party in Carlisle, I saw something called "Black Throat". It was a stimulating performance on Traci's part but my appreciation was marred by her early 80's style perm and Valley Girl theatrics. I'm not a big fan of techno music but I actually quite like her album "1000 Fires".

NP: Who is your all time favourite drummer?
RS: Keith Moon

NP: Dawn Of The Replicants used to be called just The Replicants but there was already a band called that so they had to change that name. Got any Replicants records?
RS: No

NP: Got any Marc Riley and the Creepers records then?
RS: No, but I've got a stack load of Fall LPs.

NP: What’s the connection with yourself and the label Solipisist (apart from the address!)
RS: My brother, Mike Muso, ran Solipsist as an off shoot of Sun Zoom Spark magazine. dumb/SULK trigg-er is my label so I guess it's a blood relation of Solipsist.

NP: Whatever happened to the wonderful Twiggs (an amazing band who had an album out on Solipsist)?
RS: I always thought they were destined for greatness and Mark Radcliffe played one of their songs a few times but they grew tired of each other and split after the album was released. Marcer (vocals/bass) left Carlisle and is studying Art in Edinburgh.

NP: Did you know that you were going to receive good reviews for the single?
RS: The most I was hoping for was an OK review in either NME or Melody Maker so I was pleasantly surprised.

NP: As a result have you had any labels sniffing around? (if not Gringo are!)
RS: A couple of people have come up to visit us and there's a possibility someone might give us some cash to release another single but tell me more about Gringo (I will some other time Roger)

NP: With the added interest will you now do more pressings?
RS: I'd rather release new material. We could always put out a compilation of our early singles at a later date. Much like Adventures In Stereo have done.

NP: How is your stock of material?
RS: There's only 50 left and we're keeping them so they become collectable in 20 years time.

NP: When can we expect another single or EP?
RS: Hopefully, we'll release a single or EP every couple of months. We just need to get some cash together.

NP: And then an album?
RS: Maybe early next year.

NP: (Roger had a dinosaur poem read by Ian McMillan on Radcliffe) Do you think the poem is worth printing?
RS: No, its pretty crap. I just made it up in a couple of minutes and faxed it to Mark Radcliffe so he'd say my name on air again (mission accomplished ego man).

NP: Are you a beatnik?
RS: No but I've read most of "The Naked Lunch".
NP: (Fuck it, the world needs more beatniks but come to think of it there aren't any bongos on the single).

NP: Who should be tarred and feathered first: Bush, Oasis or Kula Shaker?
RS: Tarring and feathering isn't good enough for them. Bush should be hung, Oasis should be drawn and Kula Shaker should be quartered.

NP: Have you ever heard of Colchester?
RS: Yes.
NP: Hooray, acknowledged in another country!

NP: What reputation does Essex have north of the border?
RS: We think of it as being down South somewhere.

NP: Who is your favourite Spice Girl?
RS:, Mel B... or maybe Geri. Fuck it, I just can't make up my mind.

NP: Who was your favourite member of the A Team?
RS: Who was the mad fellow. Was it Murdoch?
NP: Indeed it was, the same fellow Jim Carrey has chosen to rip off without shame.

NP: Who is your favourite Star Wars character?
RS: R2D2

NP: Who is your favourite Simpsons character?
RS: I've still never seen the Simpsons.
NP: Do it immediately, don't miss out).

NP: Who are you major influences?
RS: I can't speak for the rest of the band but some o mine are: The Velvet Underground, The Beatles (by the way Roger looks like a young Paul McCartney), Captain Beefheart, David Lynch, Patti Smith, Tristan Tzara (founder of Dadaist movement), PJ Harvey, The Who, The Pixies, Bob Marley, Nancy Friday (writer on female sexuality), Pink Floyd and blues innovators like Howlin' Wolf and Sonic Youth.
NP: (Roger may or may not have forgotten to include the Fall).

NP: What you listening to currently which you'd strongly recommend to the record buying public?
RS: Captain Beefheart "Clear Spot", Sonic Youth "Sister", Patti Smith "Horses", Linus "Yougli", Spice Girls "Spice", Blondie "Greatest Hits".

NP: What other bands have you, Paul and Donald been in?
RS: Myself, Mike Muso and Grant Murray were in Crunchy Joseph; Paul was in Snoopy on Sax with Mike Muso and Donald was in Placenta Party with Grant Murray Pringle and Veer with some other people.

NP: Did you send Kerrang a single?
RS: I did , yes. As far as I know they didn't review it. I find it a bit embarrassing having to flick through it in the local shop. They probably all think I'm into Korn or something.

NP: Doing DIY I bet you're somewhat financially worse off now - was it worth it?
RS: I'm totally skint now but it was all worth it.

NP: What did you hope to achieve and what did you actually achieve?
RS: I hoped to get a couple of radio plays and, maybe, a review in one of the music papers. We were played 4 times by Radcliffe, twice by Peel, got a good review in NME and single of the week in Melody Maker thanks to Richard from the 60 Foot Dolls
NP: Don't forget Everett True.

NP: In addition to Peel, Radcliffe, MM and NME, what other exposure have you gained?
RS: Radio Scotland's "Beat Patrol", various radio stations and fanzines.

NP: Any compilation appearances planned?
RS: Nobody's asked us but we're up for it. (Attention labels putting out a compilation, do it).

NP: What happens in Dawn Of The Replicants the movie?
RS: The Rutger Hauer character from "Blade Runner" (Roy Batty) is reborn as a zombie and descends into Hades in search of Philip K. Dick who is the closet thing he has to a God. It transpires that Philip K. Dick is a Replicant too causing Rutger to wonder what reality is and whether it even exists. In his philosophical text books, "Thus Spake Zarathustra", Rutger proposes that "Philip K. Dick is Dead" and invents existentialism. Meanwhile, Harrison Ford and Sean Young get out their faces on MDMA and fuck until dawn.

NP: The name Dawn Of The Replicants sounds like a crappy goth band (Roger said it first). Have you got any Marilyn "I am the holy god of fuck" Manson type fans?
RS: What a depressing thought. It's too painful to think about.

So we won't then. Roger by the way is an Aquarian and is afraid of stalkers and scientologists. There next release maybe a split single with a Glasgow band called Peptone who I'll hopefully be able to tell you about next ish.

Jason Graham (taken from No Pictures 3)


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