Friday, December 10, 2004


Simon Williams

He's been a writer for the NME. He's been a record label boss. He's been in my presense.
Fierce Panda is a hit or miss label but has put out some really stuff in its fairly brief history albeit with a handy link to the media. Can't I just say something nice about a music journalist?

Where/how/when did you start writing about music? Did you do a fanzine?
Did a fanzine called "Jump Away...Carlos Fandango" (don't ask). Did 5 issues and ended up at NME by mistake on 13.1.88 at a PWEI gig. Roughly speaking.

Whats going on with Steven Wells?
A hi-octane blend of joyful recklessness and senile dementia. Chap.

Whats the number one rule about running a record label?
Don't listen to anyone else - you'll never put anything out.

What was the first gig you went to?
Farmer's Boys/Higsons/Popular Voice - Lyceum October 1981.

What was the first record you bought?
"Jilted John" by Jilted John - 1978.

Which do you think is the best record label?
Most of them are crap but I like Chemikal Underground and anyone else who gets off their bottom to do something, like your good selves.

Better press: airplay or record review?
I'm Libran, so I'll have both in the same week, thank you.

CCTV or MTV? And why?
CCTV because it's far less repetitive and you don't see Courtney Love on it. Unless you're really unlucky...

Where is the future of music?
As ever, with good tunes just outside of Walthamstow.

Will you buy my car?
Is it a Fiat Panda? I like them.

Which is better: being a music journalist or record label boss thing?
Fewer people hate record label bosses, I suppose...

CDs or Vinyl? And why?
Both because I don't appear to have a complete stack system in any of my rooms, so I need to mix and match.

Who is the most abusive/intimidating person you've interviewed?
None has ever been "abusive" per se. All interviews are intimidating but I must say Scott Walker stands out as being particularly so. Turned out to be a smashing bloke though!

Where is the best place the NME has paid for you to go?
Reading or Glastonbury Festival - otherwise record companies always pay, I'm afraid. Once got a week in the Bahamas covering the Caribbean Music Festival. Also been taken to Japan, Australia, America, the continent and, of course, Walthamstow to do East 17.

Is it possible to like football and music?
Of course it is, unless you support Spurs...

Were you ever in a band?
Pythagoras States. They were worse than the name sounds, so I swiftly retired.

Who are the bands of the year so far?
Any guitar band that has avoided being dropped and any band who was dropped who actually wanted to be. Not Pythagoras States basically.

Death Before Disco?
Lord no! Death after the disco, when your tiny little head hurts. (NB: may have misinterpreted this question...)

Anything else?
Can I thank Hirameka Hi Fi for playing Club Panda? Loads of people really loved them and I had a smashing time.

Jason Graham (taken from No Pictures 10)


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