Friday, December 10, 2004


Warser Gate

From Nottingham here are the diverse Warser Gate. Kev Flynn (vocalist) answering on behalf of Warser Gate

Hi, how and where are you?
Not bad today. Could be better. It's the 2nd day back for me after the school holidays. Bit of a shock to the system. Myself and Rich live in Nottingham. Keith lives in Derby. Rich plays drums. Keith plays guitar for Warser Gate.

Who are your musical influences?
Jesus Lizard, Shellac, Can, Captain Beefheart, Sun City Girls, T.F.U.L. 282, Wing Tip Stoat, Polvo, The Grifters, Drive Like Jehu, Dead C, Camper Van Beethoven, Mission Of Burma and loads more.

What is Warser Gate like?
Skewed, twisted, warped, unhinged, chaos and disorder in a structured world of noise, collision, contagious, fucked up blues, pop, spontaneous, improvised, racket.

Whats the experience of Nottingham Rock City like?
A decade ago it was OK. Right now, mmmmh! Jesus Lizard play soon, so I'll make a return visit.

Who freaks you out?
Sun City Girls

How did you get to have a record released in Japan?
Initially a zine/label that released a cassette, then did an interview and is now releasing a song on a comp CD now and a further one at the end of the year.

Why do you do so many tape releases?
This we have now began to cut down, simply because we are getting more offers to do record releases. We've got so much material and its a great cheap way to get your music heard by people.

Are you friends with Bob Tilton? What do think of them?
Yeah, I know Allan and Neil. We bump into them occasionally, have a laugh and a drink. They're good live. I like them.

Forest or County?
Myself, I'm not bothered. Not really into football except internationals. Keith likes Wolves, Rich likes County.

Does Brian Clough still waddle about your manor?
Rich worships that guy, so of course.

Does the prospect of a new millennium excite or scare you?
Excites me because I'll be in New York, fingers crossed, with Rich and Keith.

Is the music industry dying?
God knows. Not for Warser Gate it appears.

What pisses you off?

What are accountants?
People in suits and calculators.

Describe the Warser Gate live experience
Totally off the wall, unhinged in your face guitars drill into you, drums pound your brain, vocals go crazy. Bizarre stuff.

Do you improvise live?
Yes, it plays an essential part of Warser Gate makeup.

Who would you like to play live with most?
Shellac, Jesus Lizard, Wing Tip Stoat, Sun City Girls.

Are you still recording weekly?
We record once a week without fail, usually between 3 to 7 songs weekly are laid down on our 4 track. Guaranteed.

Did you write the songs on the album together or was it a sort of pick n mix of songs spanning your career?
Yeah, a complete mix bag of tracks over a period of time.

Do you believe in putting subliminals in your music?
Who? Our music is pretty crazed at times. Try pigeonholing our sound, its difficult. It all comes naturally though and isn't forced or worked at.

Highlight of your career to date?
Ptolemaic Terrascope feature #22. A track on Ptolemaic Terrascope CD #25 called "Shut Eye".

Worst record ever made?
Something by Caroline Rainbow I expect.

Favourite song of your own?
"Shut Eye", "Long Made Designate" and "Karneek Temple".

Last band you saw live and what did you think?
Come at Leicester. Absolutely fantastic. Totally fucked up blues. Great.

Closest you've ever come to death?
Flying over the Grand Canyon in a small 8 seater, severe gales from nowhere. Scary stuff. I puked up.

Advice to live your life by
Make every day count. Don't let the bastard grind you down from "Saturday Night Sunday Morning".

If you were making Soylent Green, which band would you use?
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282.

Who's your favourite Simpsons character?
Bart! Then the squirty baby.

What are your future plans?
Hopefully an album on an Australian label with big distro who is interested in us. 2 7"ers by end of the year. Continue putting out songs all over the place etc.

Can you tell us a joke, please?
No, can't do it. Sorry!

(originally appeared in NO PICTURES issue 10)


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