Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Volume = Colour are a duo consisting of guitarist/artist Arthur Karanikas and musician/visualist Don Rogers.  They originally came together to perform at the closing night of the 2006 Melbourne Fringe Festival where in a live setting they use images of Karanikas’ paintings to create visual projections to accompany their playing.  Their performances are “open ended” instrumental pieces that draw on the elements, creating a distinct and expansive ambience in execution.  Subsequently the concept has been performed several times in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

NP: Hello.  Who are you, where are you and how would you describe your music?
VC: Volume = Colour.  Australia.  Hypnotic.  Rhythmic.  Meditative.

NP: How did you get involved in the Long Division With Remainders project?
VC: They had introduced themselves online and they had a call out for submissions going around.

NP: What approach did you take to remixing the tracks?
VC: Meshing Volume = Colour music with LDWR tracks with assistance of mixing engineers – processes of layering, cut and loop, time stretch – one track is a ten second edit stretched to three minutes.

NP: How creative is the art of the remix?
VC: Very.  A good remix makes you feel like you’re listening to a new work, there can be just as much “writing” in a mix as there is in creating other “new” works of music, particularly if one is prepared to leave behind a sense of being precious about the original work, though of course some mixes can “enhance” what was “hidden” but present.

NP: What do you think you brought to the compositions?
VC: A sense of physicality – some of the Volume = Colour music that has been introduced was recorded live and this has brought an air of immediacy to a couple of the mixes.

NP: What is the best time, state and/or mindset for the listener to hear your work?
VC: Live with visuals.

NP: How long did it take you to do your remixes?
VC: A few weeks to pull together all four but this was listening to each perhaps once in a week or fortnight.  The time in between listens is just as important as listening, in fact it is imperative that there be time from one listen to another so that there is time to forget what was heard before.

NP: Which instruments/equipment did you use?
VC: Standard mixing programs, nothing special.

NP: What is your all time favourite remix?
VC: The remix of Alex And The Ramps’ “Pisces Vs Aquarius” from Faux Pas’ “Changes” EP (FUSE Music Group).

NP: What other music projects (past and present) are you involved in?
VC: Currently performing as founder member of Infinite Decimals.

NP: Where are things heading?
VC: In a good direction.


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