Monday, November 21, 2005


It was truly an honour to witness Khan playing live at the Everything Is Nice Matador anniversary weekend. It added a bit of spice to the air. The output is electronica with a swing, very loungey and reminiscent to the music that Laura Palmer and Audrey Horn would be into, dancing to in a drug addled frenzy during another crazed episode of Twin Peaks. It’s no surprise that Julee Cruise (Who sang the Twin Peaks theme) has worked with him and appeared on his “1-900 Get Khan” album on Matador.

It was also quite fun when we saw him to see him play whilst simultaneously being molestered by nurses wearing bondage masks wielding whips and strap ons. What a focused performer. My new hero. Here goes:

NP: Who are you?
Khan: Khan son of Chaka

NP: When did Khan form?
Khan: Khan is a one man band (myself) with special guests on stage that released the first record under that name 1994 on the Brooklyn based electronic label Direct Drive. My real name is Can but I couldn't use it because of the German kraut rock band Can. I became friends with Can bassist Holger Czukay later and complained.

NP: Who are your influences?
Khan: James Brown, Sly Stone, Cerone, Psychic TV (and Throbbing Gristle), Lydia Lunch, Robert Hood, John Carpenter, Freddy Fender a.m.m.

NP: Where are you from?
Khan: I'm half Turkish half Finish, born in Germany and living in New York moving to Mexico.

NP: I saw you guys play in London last month at the Matador gig thing there. Who were those women with you onstage, then on the dancefloor and then back onstage again. They were cool
Khan: The girls are called Chinchin. If you want some pictures I can e-mail you but you have to let me.

NP: Who are/is Chinchin?
Khan: ChinChin is a London based performance group that deals with fetish in all forms. They are friends of a friend and wanted to perform on my Underwear Tour 99 so they did. Some people in the audience complained that I was exploiting the female body but they were free to do what ever they liked on stage and I had no influence on their performance. I think they are awesome !!! They are my guests on stage any time. Anybody else into stage sharing ??

NP: Have you had relations with them?
Khan: I met them the day of the show for the first time myself but we had more "body contact" back stage. I think their boyfriends are hot !!

NP: What did you think of Solex at the gig?
Khan: Liked it alot !

NP: What was Australia like?
Khan: Bizarre, BIG and fun. I heard the electronic music scene is really big but pretty cheesy at the moment. I love the people there and the audience. Very sexy.

NP: What's the story behind the cover of the record?
Khan: I identify more with hustlers than with DJs so I got a bunch of them to advertise on my cover. Also the title "1-900 GET KHAN" is a real telephone sex line in the states that I was running. Just making some extra cash with stuff I enjoy and having fun. It was meant as a statement against American prudity.

NP: How did you enjoy playing in England?
Khan: Loved it !

NP: What was the difference between the New York and London Matador shows?
Khan: I always try to be in the wrong place at the wrong time so both shows were great and I/we had a great time and got pretty smashed backstage.

NP: How did you hook up with Matador?
Khan: They invited me over to talk in the NY office, signed me and gave me a very nice cheque.

NP: What do you think of Kraftwerk?
Khan: I loved them when I was a kid growing up in Germany. It was pretty wild to see them on an afternoon TV show next to some cheesy Schlager singers playing "we are the robots". I still think they only make sense in the German language. They are just funny. Now I don't like them anymore I'm over it. At least they don't really try to come up with something new.

NP: What do you hope to achieve with your music?
Khan: To bring soul into electronic music and enjoy what I do. I want to come up with new sounds and structures even if I have to go back to older forms of music like blues or jazz.

NP: What Jazz are you a fan of?
Khan: More of a jizz fan. But I love Sun Ra, Chicago Art Ensemble, Frank Sinatra, Chet Baker, Billie Holliday.......Stravinski

NP: What's your favourite John Carpenter film?
Khan: Escape From New York.

NP: I meant to ask before, how did Julee Cruise get involved with your album?
Khan: Julee heard my stuff through a friend of mine and she liked it a lot so i gave her some tracks and she did lyrics and vocals for them. Mostly we talk about guys and sex. Recording is a minor concern between us.

NP: What did/do you think of Twin Peaks and David Lynch?
Khan: I like David Lynch stuff but rather the new stuff. I was never a big fan of Twin Peaks......I'm not a big tv freak. I loved the soundtrack though.

NP: What were you doing in Mexico?
Khan: Playing the "El Colmillo" club and taking my clothes off as usual.......I presented my new show there "Khan Sings" and will be back in South America with Julee for a whole tour in mid January.

NP: What records have you released to date?
Khan And More EP Direct Drive 12"
Khan Sweet Pink Lemonade Mille Plateaux 10"
Khan B-Man XXC-3 10"
Khan Turkish Bath XXC-3 10"
Khan Silver Satellite Eat Raw 10"
Khan Ethic II V/A Eat Raw CD
Khan + Himadri Blade Switch? 12"
Khan + Walker Super -8 Super 8 12"
Khan Silent Movie Electro Bunker Cologne 12"
Khan Hot n' Spicy Middle Eastern Cooking 10"
Khan Electricity Harvest / EMI CD
Khan I don't wanna say anything Harvest / EMI 2x12"/CD5
Khan Psychic Khan El Turco Loco LP
Khan Orgien 1- 4 El Turco Loco LP
Khan Toys' R' Us El Turco Loco LP
Khan + Lary 7 Black Sabbath Riot El Turco Loco 12"
Khan Robot Wars 95 V/A Smile Communications 12"
Khan + Walker Empire State Building XXC-3 12"
Khan + Walker Empire State Building Harvest / EMI 2x12"/CD
Khan + Walker Schleichfahrt Disko B 2x12 / CD
Khan + Walker Simplex Harvest / EMI 12"/CD5
Khan S-8.2 SilentMovieSilverScreen Super 8 12"
Khan The Guarantor V/A Mille Plateaux 2xCD
Khan SilentMovieSilverScreen Caipirinha Productions CD
Khan Super-8.3 Super-8 12"
Khan Super-8.4 Super-8 12"
Khan Super-8.5 Super-8 12"
Khan Super-8.6 Blue Pool Part 1 Super-8 12"
Khan Super-8.7 Blue Pool Part 2 Super-8 12"
Khan + Susa Templin Blue Pool/Fish Tank Expo 2000 Super-8 CD
Khan 1 900 Get Khan Matador Records 2x12"/CD

Bizz O.D. I'm coming out of your speakers Force Inc. 12"
Bizz O.D. Black Jack EP Force Inc. 12"
Bizz O.D. O.D. Smile Communications 10"
Bizz O.D. Suzanne Goes Shopping DJ ungle Fever US 10"
Bizz O.D. Love Shack DJ ungle Fever US 10"
Bizz O.D. + Jimi Tenor Traffic EP Ozon 12"
Bizz O.D. Disco Trash Force Inc. 12"
Bizz O.D. Get Up Smile Communications 10"
Bizz O.D. Beeper head in the Year 2000 Electro Bunker Cologne 12"
Bizz O.D. Bells and Bones Tekhed 12"
Bizz O.D. Bones Force Inc. 12"
Bizz O.D. Stomp, Fim 100 V/A Force Inc. 3x12"
Bizz O.D. Trail of Lost Souls Temple Rec. 12"
Bizz O.D. You may be Hard-core...but Force Inc. 12"
Bizz O.D. + Black One Little Funky Jazz Piano DJ ungle Fever 7"
Bizz O.D. Bass'n'Beans Force Inc. 12"

Gizz T.V. Saure Gurken DJ ungle Fever 12"
Gizz T.V. Acid Ninjas DJ ungle Fever 7"
Gizz T.V. Little Shop of Acid DJ ungle Fever US 12"
Gizz T.V. Shakar Temple Rec. 12"
Gizz T.V. + Walker Live at the Elektro DJ ungle Fever 12"
Gizz T.V. + Walker Spread DJ ungle Fever 12"
Gizz T.V. + Walker Little Lonesome Astronaut Force Inc. 12"
Gizz T.V. + Walker Spalt Acid Orange 12"
Gizz T.V. + Madonna 303 Mass- Turbator Structure 12"
Gizz T.V. + Madonna 303 South 2nd Structure 12"
Gizz T.V. + Madonna 303 Praise the Lord Temple Rec. 10"
Gizz T.V. + DX 13 Loop Vienna V/A Labworks 2x12 / CD
Gizz T.V. + DX 13 Phunky Force of Noiz Vol.1 V/A Rising High 2x12 / CD
Gizz T.V. + Gringo Should I stay or Should I....? Delirium 12"
Gizz T.V. + Gringo Contamination Monotone CD

4E Temple Trax Force Inc. 12"
4E Don't Fuck with Nails Force Inc. 12"
4E Blue Note Home Entertainment CD
4E Blue Note/Black Note Home Entertainment 12"
4E Post Coitus V/A Home Entertainment CD
4E Serious Drop Out V/A Sony 2x12"/CD
4E Gentle Killer Socket 12"
4E O.G. Pharma 12"
4E introducing DJ Snax 4E4ME4YOU Mille Plateaux 2x12"/CD

Fuzz D.J. + Walker Acid Burns N.Y.C. Smile Communications 12"

Cube 40 U make me Function Temple Rec. 10"
Cube 40 Bad Computa Temple Rec. 12"
Cube 40 S/T Force Inc. 2x12"

Global Electronic Network Roleiflex / Weltron Mille Plateaux 2x12"/CD
Global Electronic Network Time Square Mille Plateaux 12"
Global Electronic Network Electronic Desert Mille Plateaux 2x12"/CD
Global Electronic Network Electronic Desert Feat. 4E Mille Plateaux 12"
Global Electronic Network Modulation Transformation V/A Mille Plateaux 2x12"/CD
Global Electronic Network G.E.N.A.T.T.A.C.K.S. Harvest/EMI 12"/CD5

H.E.A.D. EFS Blue GEF 2x12"/CD
H.E.A.D. Hedonist Blue GEF 2x12"/CD
H.E.A.D. Modular Sound Innovations V /A XXc-3 2x12"/CD
H.E.A.D. James Dean Harvest / EMI CD 5
H.E.A.D. 97/98 Harvest-EMI/Caipirinha 2x12"/CD

Radiowaves Radiowellen / Radiowaves Rising High 2x12"/CD
Radiowaves Radiowellen / Radiowaves Harvest / EMI 2x12"/CD
Radiowaves Shortwaves/Kurzwellen Harvest / EMI 2x12"/CD

German Electronic Foundation S / T Blue GEF 12"

UMO S / T Home Entertainment CD
UMO UMO 2 Caipirinha Productions CDx

Twizzler S / T Nervous/Sorted 12"
Twizzler Fuck You Up Nervous/Sorted 12"

Biogas Vol. 1 Propulsion 285 12"

Nylon Babies + DJ Keoki S / T X-Sight 12"

Loisaida Sisters Home Cooking Pharma 12"

Various Remixes for: NEU, Air Liquide, Jammin' Unit, Blue Pearl, Ars Antiqua and more.

Exclusive Tracks contributed to various compilations and Mix-CD's.

Works for German, Austrian and American Television as well as private Film productions.


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