Friday, December 10, 2004


El Hombre Trajeado

Dead impressed with El Hombre Trajeado. Each single is as delightful as the other and the album promises a ton. They sound like a clearer Tortoise with Mike Watt-esqe, Minutemen-esqe routes. Hubby took the time........

What's your lineup?
Stef on drums, Stevie on bass, Ben squeeks 'n' beeps and Hubby (me) guitar and mumbles.

How long have you been going?
About 2 years as a 3 piece and 6 months with Ben.

Who are your influences?
The Black Dog, Man Or Astroman?, Minutemen, DJ Shadow, Ganger, Broadcast, Squarepusher, Rush (but don't ask), Slint, Kitchener....

What records have you put out so far?
Moonunit Manual/Logo 7", Nofo split 7" with Lungleg, Like Quicksand split 7" with The Karelia.

Who freaks you out?
In a good way: Maria. In a bad way: Darth Vader.

What was it like playing without a stage at the Brighton Crawl?
Not unusual, although Ben was a bit close for comfort.

And what were the "Chips and Cheese" there like?
Pretty rocking though a bit skimpy on the old vinegar.

How are you involved with Flotsam & Jetsam?
I set it up! (with a little help from my friends of course.......)

Do you have other jobs?
I'm a concert promoter (from King Tut's Wah Wah Hut up to T In The Park). Stef delivers auto parts, Stevie's at uni and Ben does nothing in particular.

Is it true that you do all your own stunts?
Ask Stevie, he's the one that broke his wrist yesterday skateboarding.

Are you South American?
Only in my head.

What does Trajeado mean?
It means "suited" although El Hombre Trajeado can be interpreted as "the man in the suit".

What was your most memorable gig?
The last one, no long term memory you see.

Describe the El Hombre live experience?

Are as many people in Scotland on Heroin as Trainspotting would suggest or did Irvine Welsh and Danny Boyle give your country a bum rap?
Yes, as Trainspotting pointed out that there is only small groups of the population, mostly situated in housing schemes, just like any other major city.

What's the best thing about Glasgow?
Deep fried Mars Bars.

Rangers or Celtic?
Partick Thistle.

What are your songs about?
There is no hidden agenda in the lyrcis, what you hear is what you get.

How did you get into music?
By default I would have been an astronaut but I'm colourblind.

Describe each of these bands in a sentence:

Too fast, too jerky, too clever and way too smelly. And don't ever mention the 96 Europeon tour. Ever.

DP l'Odd
Belgium thrash with myself, Vic (Pink Kross), Kenny (Eska) and punk rock session muso extrordinaire, Rat.

Me, Hubby and Thom
My first band, not very good, sounded like Minutemen circa late 70s done very badly, although this is where Stevie came in.

One practice, one 7", two gigs. A bit of fun with Jer (Dawson), myself, Richie (Dawson, Fenn, PH Family) and Simon (Currl, Hernandez). Sounded like the exact mathematical equation of a large man falling down a flight of stairs.

You missed out Thermoderm. Me, Stuart (Ganger), Martin (Ganger) and Jason (Streheads). One 12" EP on Soul Static Sounds, you should check it out, I think you'll like it.

What pisses you off?
Bass players breaking their wrist 5 weeks before album recording commences.

What will you be doing with Guided Missile?
Two 7"s, One LP.

Can you fit four 7"s into one mailer?
Is this Possible?

How do you relax?
I can't remember, it's been a long time.......

McDonalds: Good or Bad?
No question, rocking.

Is the music industry dying?
Just snoozing.

What are accountants?
I woud have thought that you would have figured that one out by now!

Do you believe in putting subliminals in your music?

If you were making Soylent Green, which band would you use?
Symposium, though it would taste very bitter.

Anything else?
Keep up the good work, I'll give you a call when we need an accountant!

(originally appeared in NO PICTURS issue 10)


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