Monday, June 28, 2010


Sone Institute is the weird and wonderful world of electronic artist Roman Bezdyk spinning together found sounds, classroom percussion and a host of stringed instruments to conjure up a surreal and fantastical world of pure sonic imagination.  To date he has released one album in the form of the fine of Curious Memories on Front And Follow Records who are also curating and releasing the Long Division With Remainders project that finds me speaking to Roman today.

NP: Hello.  Who are you, where are you and how would you describe your music?
SI: Hello I am Sone Institute (Roman Bezdyk).  A psychedelic excursion through chance encounters and an escape from the mundane.

NP: How did you get involved in the Long Division With Remainders project?
SI: I was asked by Helen Watson and jumped at the chance.

NP: What approach did you take to remixing the tracks?
SI: I really looked upon the tracks as raw material and to try and make each version different from each other and from the original material.

NP: How creative is the art of the remix?
SI: I think it can be as long as it’s approached with a sense of adventure, to find a less obvious element and to try and bring that to life.  The original material was pretty abstract so that made it easier for me.

NP: What do you think you brought to the compositions?
SI: I hope a sense of adventure!  As I mentioned I tried to make the feel of each one very different.  From manic to mellow!

NP: What is the best time, state and/or mindset for the listener to hear your work?
SI: I think my tracks work well on headphones.  I was a bit obsessed with panning effects at the time!  I like the idea of isolation that headphones allow.  Real big headphones not the little iPod ones.

NP: How long did it take you to do your remixes?
SI: I worked on and off on them for a couple of months.  I thought they deserved the time and respect to let them develop as much as possible.  I didn’t want to just bang something out for the sake of it that would be pointless.

NP: Which instruments/equipment did you use?
SI: I used a turntable and vinyl for non scratching effects.  The odd string sample from a boot fair record.  I also added electric guitar to one track and mainly my Prophet One snyth.  Plus a circuit bent Speak n’ Spell.

NP: What is your all time favourite remix?
SI: One that comes to mind is “Love Parasite” by Fad Gadget but I haven’t heard it in years!

NP: What other music projects (past and present) are you involved in?
SI: I have an album out on Front And Follow called “Curious Memories”.  And will have a 7 track EP out later in the year which is a collaboration with Dollboy called “The Sum And The Difference” also out on Front And Follow.

NP: Where are things heading?
SI: Onwards and upwards!


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