Friday, June 25, 2010


Hailing from Ipswich, Cats Against The Bomb is a long standing sonic outfit that has tearing up stages for over ten years now.  A real one man audio bomber Adam Flood is the man behind the wheel.  To date he has released one album in the form of “Attack Of The Bunny Boilers From The Nth Lagoon” on his own Advanced Lawnmower Simulator label.

NP: Hello.  Who are you, where are you and how would you describe your music?
CATB: Plutonium noise rock.

NP: How did you get involved in the Long Division With Remainders project?
CATB: We have known Justin Front & Follow since his previous record label (Bad Hand Records).

NP: What approach did you take to remixing the tracks?
CATB: I was deprived of an internet connection for a week and got very annoyed.

NP: How creative is the art of the remix?
CATB: How creative is the art of songwriting when most songs use the same progression?

NP: What do you think you brought to the compositions?
CATB: Noise.

NP: What is the best time, state and/or mindset for the listener to hear your work?
CATB: After a 24 hour long haul flight at the bottom of a bunker in Berlin.

NP: How long did it take you to do your remixes?
CATB: The duration of the flight.

NP: Which instruments/equipment did you use?
CATB: Ajutar and SYB-3.

NP: What is your all time favourite remix?
CATB: “Children Suffer” by Mixomatosis.

NP: What other music projects (past and present) are you involved in?
CATB: I’d like to do more Advance Lawnmower Simulator stuff, which is my label – any submissions accepted.  I’m also thinking of doing something much more primitive than Cats Against The Bomb.  Hasil Adkins is a reference point at the moment but there is some fancy wiring I also need to do.

NP: Where are things heading?
CATB: Towards entropy.



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