Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Leyland James Kirby is a true hero of modern music.  A genuine innovator and persistent thorn in the side of mediocre composition, his output is vast and ranges from corrupting and distorting electronica through to pop music destruction and his current ambient beguiling.  Having operated under the guises of V/Vm, The Caretaker, The Stranger, his own name and countless other monikers he has performed all over the globe and released a larger catalogue of work than Littlewoods and Argos combined, much of which these days requires its own Da Vinci Code to uncover and acquire.  This interview is conducted specifically relating to his contribution for the Long Division With Remainders project itself a similar undertaking to his participation on Thurston Moore’s Root project almost a decade ago.  Ladies love a legend.

“I wanted to be a bumblebee when I was a child.”

NP: Hello.  Who are you, where are you and how would you describe your music?
LK: Mr James Leyland Kirby, located in Berlin Germany and surrounded by beautiful women.  My music is like Alan Whicker on the Orient Express with a magnum of Champagne.

NP: How did you get involved in the Long Division With Remainders project?
LK: I was the disc jockey at Justin and Helen’s wedding day bonanza.

NP: What approach did you take to remixing the tracks?
LK: I did it inbetween bedding many beautiful women of different nationalities in various countries.

NP: How creative is the art of the remix?
LK: Trevor Horn always did very well.

NP: What do you think you brought to the compositions?
LK: The afterglow of sexual conquests.

NP: What is the best time, state and/or mindset for the listener to hear your work?
LK: During a warm sensual massage with some warm aromatic oils.

NP: How long did it take you to do your remixes?
LK: We cannot put time on such sensual pleasures everything lasted as long as it needed to last and was never disappointing.

NP: Which instruments/equipment did you use?
LK: The sexiest organ I have.

NP: What is your all time favourite remix?
LK: The original 16 minute sex mix of Frankie Goes To Hollywood “Relax – Don’t Do It.”

NP: What other music projects (past and present) are you involved in?
LK: The Stranger, The Caretaker, V/Vm and a million other pseudonyms including recording music for other lazier musicians.

NP: Where are things heading?
LK: To the bedroom for debauchery with a beautiful girl or if we are very lucky beautiful girls room 808 style.


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