Thursday, June 16, 2005


Les Savy Fav just suddenly seemed to appear one day.  Actually that’s a lie, when they were one of the (failed) “new breed” on Sub Pop around 97, Lamacq and Peel did just about “pick up on them”, in their limited capacities of lurve.  Hailing from New York, the first time I saw them was almost by accident.  Indeed backstage, I impressed/freaked the bearded one out when I opened his bottle of Bud for him with my teeth (true).  Part of me has them down as just being a low maintenance but the other part is just “WASSUP!”, this being 2002 and the Jesus Lizard now being (sadly) distant history.  Seeing them live was true excitement.  Tim Harrington (the bearded one.  At times) is a true showman and the band is stuff!  In addition to the pelting sensation of an alt band backing a laughing hyena, musically it can all come over as the best in brew of such spices as the Dead Kennedys, Devo and Sonic Youth up to (and including) the stuff of true whiteboy spastic FUNK!  Now signed to Southern, having unleashed The Cat And The Cobra and Go Forth (amongst other things) on life, its all working out.  The very accommodating Tim, Syd and Seth helped me out on a few Qs:

NP: How and where are you and what are you doing?
Tim: I'm at my job in New York. I'm answering e-mails. I'm Tim(the singer)
Syd: I'm on a plane returning from Chicago.
Seth: I’m fine, thanks. I’m at home in Brooklyn checking email, working, and thinking about stuff.

NP: How was 2001 for you?
Tim: Well everyone seems to say "thank god 2001 is over" mostly because of this horrible fall and the Us recession and stuff but I'm really thankful that so many people are O.K. and all that half full glass stuff.
Syd: 2001 was great for the FAVS and emotional for me
Seth: Some good things came out of 2001, so I’ll spare you the cliché about how awful it was and blah, blah, blah. I always look forward to the future.

NP: What do you think of music at the end of 2001/beginning of 2002?
Tim: Kind of good there are several bands I'm excited about and I've been meeting a lot of cool/smart/kind people when we play on tour so that is good.
Syd: I have know Idea about the future. Right now I think there are some great bands out there that people should check out. The Oxes, 90 day men, The Apes, The Mars Volta, The ex-models, The husky girls and
Seth: I still like music, believe it or not. As well, I still want to play music. I heard and saw some great bands this year. I think it's looking optimistic.

NP: What did you think of the awful events of September 11?
Tim: This is too big a question.
Syd: Sept 11... I think the events from Sept 11 were insane. Period.
Seth: A real shame.

NP: To MP3 or not to MP3? That is the question.
Tim: MP3s at work and in cars LPs at home.
Syd: MP3. With respect.
Seth: Fuck yeah, MP3. I like them. It saves me money. Just kidding. Well, not really. I love my music at home, though, and will still continue to collect records and CDs.

NP: Give us some reasons to be optimistic for the future for?
Tim: Language is evolving.  New wooden handrails are getting worn and smooth.  Butter and cheeze are getting left out rather than being refrigerated and will soon be nice and soft and aromatic.  There is a name for when you jump because you feel like you are falling while you are trying to get to sleep; it is the myoclonic jerk.  Frenchkiss Records (the label we (Syd) run(s)) is putting out a new record in February by Sean Na Na called "My Majesty) and it is great.  We are coming on tour in March with Mars Volta (the afro guys from At The Drive In) and the Apes (also on Frenchkiss records)
Syd: Les Savy Fav, the Mars Volta and the APES tour of Europe in MARCH 2002
Seth: Love. Flying cars. You may win the lottery.

NP: If you could have any gift, what would it be?
Tim: Patience
Syd: A house or apt.
Seth: To be more tolerant and understanding. Wisdom beyond my years.

NP: What do you think of Christmas?
Tim: I love it, it is great I made my sister a manger scene!
Syd: Christmas... I think on paper it's great. I prefer thanksgiving.
Seth: It causes me more stress than the meaning of the holiday should. I do, however, enjoy it.

NP: What music/movies/books are you grooving to right now?
Tim: Right now I've got a major fixation on language I'm reading "The Mother Tongue: English and how it got that way" by Bill Bryson and this collection of William Safire articles called "Let a simile be your umbrella" and both are decent. I'm listening to Pleasure Forever, The Liars, The Apes, The Beatles Anthology (3), and John Denver's "Rocky Mountain Christmas.
Syd: The Lord Of The Rings (movie), The Corrections (book), the new SEAN NA NA (music)
Seth: I’m reading "the three cornered world" by Netsuke Soseki. I’ve been listening to the Liars, Neil Young, Love As Laughter, playing my guitar while I’m sitting around. I loved The Royal Tenenbaums. I’ve been into the first two Mad Max films as well.

NP: What is the best advice that you can offer a person right now?
Tim: Don't (pause) wait. Try it with different length pauses for different effects.
Syd: Advice: The harder you work the luckier you get.
Seth: to not worry too much. Be calm and cool. Worry is something your mind does about things that haven't occurred yet. To remain calm in the midst of a hard situation is a better way to handle things.
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