Friday, February 24, 2006


Questions for Macrocosmica

Answers by Cerwyss and Brendan

NP: What is the history of Macrocosmica?  (there seems to be a lengthy gap around the turn of the millennium)

B: We started in 1996. The line up was me and Cerwyss with Gav Laird and Russell Mcewan. Me and Gav had been in Telstar Ponies together (i played drums, he played bass). The day after i left the band, i met up with Gav for a pint. he said he had an idea  for a new band and offered me a slot as second guitarist within the line up. I was surprised to say the least, but jumped at the chance. We started playing / recording / gigging around 6 months after. Gav left in 1998, Russell left in 1999. Me and Cerwyss (well mostly Cerwyss) had a kid in 2000. at that time i asked Gogo and Keith if they'd help us out - they were in the fully awseome Bangtwister at the time. Thankfully they said yes and we started trying to get together some songs in time for Cerwyss to rejoin the studio action. The rest, you know it would appear.....well researched :-)

C: Since we were down to just me and Brendan by 2000 I had a baby in an attempt to swell the ranks. Brendan had the more practical idea of asking two adults to join the band.

NP: How does Macrocosmica compare to your previous bands?  (you know which ones I mean)

B: Heavier and more shouty than the Fanclub, the Ponies and the 'Gwai, but i don't mean that in a "heaviness is better way" just in an honest way!

NP: How/when did you hook up with the Bangtwister guys?  Whatever happened to Bangtwister?  (Agony Aunt was a fantastic single)

B: oops peaked too early in question one!

NP: Do you often have dead arm contests?  The picture on the website looks pure malice.

B: only when on tour with Dead or American - top Scottish rock band

NP: The band’s sound seems to have changed/progressed since Ad Astra, wha’ happened?

B: we became old and gnarly

NP: What is the Glasgow music scene like these days?

B: Loads of bands as always

C: And they're mainly pish

NP: What other jobs do you do/have you had?  How are they are for you?

B: currently a venue promoter, was once a barman.

C: currently researcher on a historical linguistics project - nice job. Formerly all the crap jobs and they were all crap.

NP: What is the new/upcoming record like?

B: Over-rated.

C: Expansive, pretentious, righteously rocking.

NP: What is your songwriting process and how do you record?

C: Most often a riff from Gordon or Brendan then we just jam and develop the idea - it's democratic which is time-consuming but better for the songs.

NP: Do you think people should pay for MP3s?

C: Bands should have control over their music - whether they want to give it away for free should be their own choice.

NP: Does Macrocosmica have some kind of obsession with space?

C: Of course; it's the place.

NP: What bands of note have you played with live?

B: fugazi, teenage fanclub, bangtwister, ligament, idlewild, dead or american, bilge pump, oneida

NP: What have your gig experiences been like?

C: If the stage sound is good I always enjoy gigs even if peripheral things like the size of the crowd go badly - it's the main point of being in a band and always exciting. If I can't hear myself properly I go in the huff, like J-Lo.

NP: Generally, how important is it to be creative?  (Have a form of expression?)

B: stupidly important

NP: Ever committed crimes?  What?

B: Only musical ones.

C: Petty theft. Horrible cardigans.

NP: What advice would you have for other performers?

C: I recently realised that a good way to avoid the age-old problem of bra strap slippage off shoulder due to guitar-playing moves can be avoided by wearing a sports bra. It will also repel would-be suitors if that's of concern.

NP: What are you current listening tastes and what are your favourite forms/styles of music?

B: my favourite band is a band from Norway called Motorpsycho. I only listen to them and us.....potentially unhealthy, but i care not a jot.

NP: What are you plans for the future both musically and personally?

B: to have a good time all the time Marti....that's my philosophy.